As a result of the increase made to the Quabbin Regional School budget, as voted at the
recent Special Town Meeting in September the following changes have been made to the office 

hours at the Town Hall. Beginning in October business hours will be 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday through 
Wednesday with an hour closure for lunch from 12 -1 P.M.. In addition whenever public schools are closed
due to inclement weather the Town Offices will also be closed. If there is a weather delay for the schools,
the Town Offices will be open according to that same schedule. If you have any questions please call the
Town Adminstrator at 508-867-2071, Ext. 100.

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Town Administrator-Katie Tyler- Monday - Wednesday : 8AM-4PM - 508-867-2071
Building Inspector-Brianna Skowyra/Assistant Building Inspector - Bob Legare - 978-434-1839. Contractors must contact Electrical Inspector Donald Manseau 413-436-0051 and Plumbing/Gas Inspector Ed Kent 413-204-1140 for inspections.
Animal Inspector - Tracy Brearley - 413-335-0889/Dog Officer - Position Vacant
Fire Chief-Dennis Letendre, Jr.-508-847-0405
Highway Department Superintendent-Richard Ayer-508-867-2451
Police-Chief Jimmy Ayotte/Lieutenant Kevin Landine-508-867-2059-EMERGENCY PHONE-911
Town Auditor-Christina DeVries-508-867-2071
Town Clerk-Jessica Bennett-Monday 7-9PM-508-867-2071
Town Treasurer/Tax Collector-Janet Pierce-Monday 7-9PM - 508-867-2071

20 Memorial Drive
New Braintree MA 01531
(508) 867-2071


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